Chic, stylish and modern, Pink has been the focus for many fashion designers, and has featured on lounges and walls in fancy eateries and homes around the world. We think its time that pink moved to the table to pack a punch.

There are two key components to creating a modern pink tablescape: 

  • Layers
  • Tonal Colour Palette

The introduction of layers gives the setting dimension and texture . You can create simple layers by adding a tablecloth, placemats, crockery and napkins. By keeping the colour palette to tonal pink it will give the setting a modern, sophisticated look. To add that extra glam element you can incorporate gold or brass into this setting, an easy way to do this is through candlesticks or cutlery, this will give the look a luxe finish, oh and  be sure not to forget to serve a chilled rose. 

Image Source Pintrest 



Kristan Dwyer